Our Story

Every individual is the product of his/ her surroundings. You are a combination of your family, friends and environment.

The reason we are what we are today is because we grew up in the bushveld, on a farm. We all have this place where we feel comfortable and accepted. This place makes us who we are. Paul Grachow said, “When the uniqueness of a place sings to us like melodies, then we know, at last, what it means to be home.”

Your Hosts

Welverdiend Safaris is that kind of place for the owners of the farm. Arnold and Dennis van der Walt are two brothers who bought the farm together. The main reason they started farming and breeding scarce game is that they share an utter love for animals and nature. They believe if you breed for financial gain only, you are sure not to succeed. They also strive to breed only quality animals of excellent bloodlines. They believe that this together with sincerity, will ensure their success in their endeavour to contribute to nature conservation and will ensure the continued existence of top genetically bred animals,

The van der Walts will work as a team to ensure that you experience the conservation side as well as hunting by personally paying attention to the details.

Arnold’s wife, Monica van der Walt, does the hosting and organising in the camp and she will be the friendly voice you talk to when booking your stay and be the first face you see upon your arrival.

Christo van der Walt, the brothers’ father will assist the visitors with hunting as well as taking them on game drives. He believes in ethical hunting practices. He hunts as hard as the client is comfortable with and is happy to walk all day, every day if necessary -  as will Arnold and Dennis.